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Digital sensors(L2)

Digital sensors(L2) Digital sensors   Assembly   To make this, you will need: An Arduino board A USB cable Two 1KΩ resistors Jump leads (prototyping wires) A breadboard A push-button An LED of your chosen colour To build the assembly: First, connect pin 13 to an LED and a resistor (in series) and then to GND. Then...
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Arduino Traffic light

Arduino Traffic light Arduino Traffic light. Based on the Arduino functions seen this week, your mission is to write an Arduino sketch that will blink 3 virtual LEDs (green→pin 4, orange→pin 3, red→pin 2). This program will must abide by the following instructions: All the pins have to be set as OUTPUT at the beginning of the...
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Control your Light System Using Smart Phone

The project idea is to proof that you can control your home lighting system using only your smart phone, so the LEDs in the project represents different systems in our home as an example. All you need for the project: 1- 1sheeld 2- Arduino Uno 3- LEDs 4- Jumbers #define CUSTOM_SETTINGS #define...
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